Our Book Subscription Box

We love books. We believe that having fantastic things to read each month is a wonderful thing. It enables us to nourish our minds, consider new ideas and come across different concepts.

We wanted to create a book subscription that inspires our readers each month by sending them books to make them think, do, create, laugh and ultimately enjoy.

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Our Slow Book Club

What's included?

Our book subscription will ship every month on the 17th of the month. It will include a non-fiction that we have selected for the month. As well as the book we will be including treats to savour whilst reading.

Our book subscription is designed to help you nourish your mind and enjoy different topics each month.

The Books

We believe in ethical ideas, learning from nature, exploring our planet, looking after wildlife, getting creative, creating beautiful homes, eating good food, living naturally, living well and living slow. Our books will be chosen each month based on these ideas and concepts. 

Books we have included before:

  • Spark joy – Marie Condo
  • Importance of Being Idle
  • Japonisme – Erin Nimi Longhurst
  • Do Books – Do Book Company
  • Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert
Japonisme Book

First Edition - September 2018

Our first book was the massively inspiring A Life Less Throwaway by Tara Button. She is the founder of Buy Me Once, a project to encourage consumers to change their shopping habits away from cheap throwaway items to searching for things which last. The project researches the most sustainable and long lasting products and promotes them through its website.

In the book Tara tells her personal story and teaches us how to go from shopaholic to ‘Mindful Curator’

Included in this edition:

  • A Life Less Throwaway
  • Taylors Rhubarb tea bags
  • Scottish Fudge
Slowbooks Book Subscription

Second Edition - October 2018

In this edition we featured a fabulous natural history book by Sy Montgomery. It is the transformational story of her journey into the world of the octopus. This book changed the way we view animals and nature and we hope it inspires our readers too.

Included in this edition:

  • The Soul of an Octopus
  • Hot Chocolate Stirrer by Cocoa Ooze
  • Face Mask from Optiat

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