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This month our theme is Cosagach. We are celebrating our move to Glasgow with a box of artisan goodies made in Scotland.

Each month our subscription boxes have a different theme. They are all about slow living and taking time to live better and happier but each month we theme the products to keep it fresh and exciting. We have called this one Cosagach which is kind of like Scottish Hygge. It is all about curling up nice and snug while the weather rages outside. One phrase we have heard a lot since we moved here “it’s wild out there”.

We had lots of great products to choose from as Scotland has tons of artisans making wonderful things. People here are especially proud of their heritage and land. They use lots of native ingredients and traditional methods to make high quality products.

For us, a box about warmth and being cosy had to feature certain things — hot chocolate, a candle and something for the skin. After that we wanted to show off something handmade by a local artists and a treat which we have realised is Scottish to the core.

We recently carried out a poll with our subscribers to see if there were things that we weren’t putting in the box that they would like to see more of and candles was mentioned the most. This was not a surprise so we are making sure to add candles more often. A good candle can bring hours of pleasure and comfort. Sally has a candlelit bath at least twice a week so we love to source new and ethical candle companies.

SlowboxUK Subscription BoxWhat’s in the box?

Wild Gorse Candle by Arran Aromatics

The Isle of Arran is a wild and beautiful place. It is a small island in the Atlantic which rises from genteel lowlands to highlands of heather and rough winds. The founders of Arran Aromatics set out to capture everything they love on the island in a set of evocative fragrances.

We chose the Wild Gorse candle because it felt like the right scent for this box. We see gorse everywhere here and it has become part of our everyday experience. Candles are,of course an important part of creating a comforting atmosphere when it raging outside and with the scents of the wild highlands they can also keep that important connection to nature while in the house.

Folded Paper Vase by Kate Colin Design

We loved Kate’s work as soon as we saw it. Beauty often lies in simplicity and Kate take one of the most mundane things we have around us — paper and transforms it into something beautiful and useful. She started by creating lampshades with geometric forms and has recently moved into making smaller pieces (thankfully! We couldn’t fit lampshades in the box)

The vase we chose is designed to be used in conjunction with a glass vase. It is a genius idea, to take something lots of us throw away and make it more beautiful so that people can use and appreciate them in their own homes. We have collected some grasses for ours and I love that as the seasons change I can head out into the park or woods and collect new things for my lovely vase.

Sloe Gin Skin Candle by Siabann

We chose a product by Siabann because we love their ethos and they make beautiful, natural things. They are based in central Scotland and have taken the herbs and plants around them to create lovely skin care products. Thistle oil is the basis of all their products — can you get more Scottish?

The Sloe Gin Skin Candle is ingenious. Basically it is two of our fave things in one product. You burn the candle for a little while, enjoying it’s delicious aroma, then as the oils melt you blow the candle out and use the warm oils to moisturise your skin. It is luxurious and feels so indulgent.

Hot Chocolate by Shetland Fudge Co

Shetland is on my bucket list. It looks like the most beautiful place ever. The Shetland Fudge Co are famous for creating cute products like their Puffin Poo treats and we knew we wanted to feature something of theirs in the box. It took a while to reach us due to crazy storms stopping all boats to the island but it was worth the wait.

Their hot chocolate is made in our favourite way with shaved chocolate. No powder or additives just pure chocolate flavour.

Tunnocks Tea Cake

The tea cake is a favourite all over the UK. My nan has always had them in her pantry since I was a kid but I never realised they were Scottish. Tunnocks bakery is just outside Glasgow and has been a family business for 130 years — quite an acomplishment these days. In the city we see Tunnocks everywhere the logo is now on tea towels, mugs etc and the city of Glasgow is super proud of their sweet treats.

The tea cake itself has been on sale since the fifties and is now exported all around the world. It is a real Scottish institution and delicious with a cup of tea or a hot chocolate.

If you are a maker/small business/artist who produces something we might want to include in the box please get in touch by emailing They must be made ethically and we are especially interested to find new plastic free innovations.

Hot chocolate by Shetland Fudge Co - SlowBox

Loch Lomond ScotlandHot chocolate by Shetland Fudge Co - SlowBox

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