Best Natural Winter Skincare Products
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Skincare is important all year round but as it gets cold most of us find we need it more than in the warmer months. I know I struggle with patchy skin in the winter. My cheeks and nose get really dry while my forehead can be really oily. It’s a pain.

Over the last few years running this subscription box we have tried A LOT of different products with a view to including them in our box. Sometimes companies send us stuff and we also buy lots of new products to try them out. We have a few criteria which we apply to items for the box:

· they must be cruelty-free

· all natural ingredients

· ethical businesses run by people who are passionate about what they do

· plastic free (or recycled packaging)

If you like products which fit this criteria then read on. We have 5 wonderful products made by people who really consider every aspect of their business, what they produce and how they produce it.

Skin Care Candle by Siabann

This is my fave thing at the moment. If you love a luxurious moisturiser then prepare to be amazed. These skin candles are ingenious. You burn the candle for a little while so you get to enjoy the light and lovely scent of the candle. Then as the oils melt you blow out the candle and then moisturise with the warm oils. (They never get hot enough to burn you) I love this after a bath or shower. It’s a great opportunity to spend 10 minutes relaxing while you wait for the oils to melt and then they just dissolve into your skin.

Siabann make all their products with thistle oil which is native to Scotland. It’s great for inflamed skin and soothing dry patches. It also contains shea butter and other natural oils which give deep moisturisation to the skin. They come in travel and home size so you can take a little luxury wherever you go. Packaged in an aluminium tin which can be re-used or recycled. LOVE IT!

Best Natural Winter Skincare ProductsBody Scrub by The Salt Parlour

We featured these wonderful body scrubs in a summer box to give hydration to the skin. However, they are great all year round. In winter our skin needs help to shed off dead cells so that new ones can breathe. If you use body scrubs then I absolutely recommend Salt Parlour.

Their products are completely natural and plastic free. The salt is high quality but what I love most is how they combine it with cold pressed essential oils. We use the Seaweed & Cucumber one & it smells incredible. It makes me feel alive in the shower and we also do little pedicures for each other a couple of times a month. This product is an absolute joy to use & your skin will feel great.

Best Natural Winter Skincare ProductsLavender Soap by Pure Thoughts

We love the ethics and aesthetics Pure Thoughts.

“We believe in finding pause; a few minutes to breathe deeply and still your mind”

All the products are thoughtfully designed, made and packaged. This is a small business run by a couple who escaped the rush of the modern world for the silence of rural Derbyshire. Leanna has put her heart into creating holistic products for women who want to find time to take care of themselves.

I think this soap is perfect for winter skin for two reasons. Firstly, while it cleans the skin it does not strip anything away. I find lots of soaps dry my skin and then I need tons of moisturiser to sort it out. Not so with this one. It is made from olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter so it actually feels like it adds in some moisture. The second reason is the smell. I am not usually a huge fan of lavender products as they can be almost sickly but natural lavender i a beautiful thing. This soap is cold pressed to preserve the natural oils from herbs. It works wonderfully as it has the exact same aroma as the lavender in my garden.

Finally I just want to say that all the soaps come with a card which encourages you to pause, reflect and enjoy your day. I love this little touch and the way it encourages a fully conscious, sensual life.

Best Natural Winter Skincare ProductsMiracle Facial Oil by Evolve Beauty

This has been nominated on the Beauty Shortlist Awards and for good reason. There are lots of small companies producing natural products at the moment but Evolve are starting to stand out from the crowd. We love their simple aesthetic and commitment to natural beauty.

This facial oil is packed with anti oxidants and perfect for the deep winter when our skin starts to need extra help. It contains black cumin oil which is not an ingredient you see everyday but it is a powerful anti inflammatory. (I take a spoon of this everyday its great for your general health) The facial oil also contains rosehip, sunflower oil and rose. Use this after cleansing when you need extra moisture.

Little Miracle Rosehip Balm by Balm Balm

If you’re not a big fan of oils but need something with extra moisture then this is a great product. Balm Balm make organic natural beauty products which suit most skin types. This is not too thick as balms go and it absorbs easily. It has a blend of 5 soothing base oils combined with essential oils of rosehip, borage, juniper and mandarin among others.

I love the way this balm smells and the rosehip is great for repairing skin. It is a powerful ingredient packed with nutrients which help your body take care of itself. One of the base oils is calendula which I have used for years as a tea and also in skincare products. I have never found anything else so powerful in restoring skin. I used to suffer with eczema and calendula sorted it out. Having said that this balm is not for skin conditions. It is ideal for deep moisturising in winter.

Best Natural Winter Skincare Products
All these companies sell online so please support them and let us know if you have any skincare tips for winter, we would love to hear them

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